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  • Strip Magnetic Memo Holder 2.3" X 8.3"
    As low as $0.39
  • Flower Shaped Magnetic Memo Holder
    As low as $0.42
  • Magnetic Memo Board With Erasable Marker
    As low as $1
  • Magnetic Ruler
    As low as $0.38
  • 2 in 1 Magnetic Picture Frame & Erasable board
    As low as $1.25


Magnetic Memo Holders
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    About our Magnetic Memp Holders:
    The handy unique Notes Holder is a great giveaway and has a wide advertisement space available for a business promotion that lasts. Word of mouth is the best promotion to your business – make sure your customers will have their Notes Holder in sight  Our Magnetic Note Holder is printed in full color on a coated 350 gr. Laminated paper. Notes Holder can be cut to your desired shape,  you can also order 3MAG Notes Holder with or without paper notes.


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Magnetic Memo Board With Erasable Marker. As Low as $1

(Custom Dry Erase Boards)
The marker's cap has its own magnet and eraser; it can be attached to the Board itself or the refrigerator.
The Magnetic Memo Pad 4" X 6" designated advertisement area is printed in full color and will accommodate your advertisement needs and a blank space for notes. The pad is glossy laminated laser cut with rounded corners, to prevent curved edges.
Weight - 1.63 oz (magnet and marker)
Thickness - 40 mil (magnet)

Flower Shaped Magnetic Memo Holder. As Low as $0.42

A unique flower shaped memo holder with a magnet attached on the back. It is a wonderful give away, for a unique advertisement of your business.
This magnet is printed in full color on a particularly thick coated paper (350 gr.) with glossy lamination. The magnet is laser cut to its shape and is used as paper notes holder. THINKING OF A DIFFERENT SHAPE? CONTACT US AND WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Strip Magnetic Memo Holder 2.3" X 8.3". As Low as $0.39

This is a full color printed strip magnetic memo holder.
For durability, printed on 350 gr. coated, glossy laminated paper. The strip is uniquely shaped to create a hold place for memos. The product has a magnetic strip on the back.
You can also order the Strip Magnetic Memo Holder in a customized shape that will integrate your business characteristics.
Please let our graphic design specialists assist you to create your unique design and shape, that will make a difference in the way your customers view your business.

2 in 1 Magnetic Picture Frame & Erasable board. As Low as $1.25

(Including erasable marker)
The magnetic picture frame holds your favorite 4" X 6" picture behind it, while the center pops out and is used as a Erasable board. Both the Erasable board and the frame can have your logo, information, pictures or any other artwork and text you need to be seen by your customers. This product is uniquely shaped, printed in full color, on 40 mil thick laminated material, with laser cut rounded corners. The frame surface fits plenty of text and graphics all around, and the center part can be a fully customized in any information you choose to print. .
Punch out area - 3 1/8'' x 5 1/8''
Total Size- 6.5" x 4.6".

Magnetic Ruler. As Low as $0.38

(Size 8.25" X 1.4")
The Magnetic Ruler will stay on the refrigerator or filing cabinet, always easy to find when your customer needs it. Your clients will not have to dig through a drawer or think twice where to find a ruler – it will always be there for them, and so will be your contact information. By printing useful information on the magnetic ruler, such as conversion charts or important phone numbers (or whatever you might think of), along with your logo and contact information, this promotional piece will do its job. Your business card just became useful!